Myth Busting

Did you know that cannabis cures cancer?
Did you know certain vitamins and other supplements do too?
Bet you did not know that if you jump up and down four times while patting your head, you will cure your cancer as well!

Sorry if I rose your hopes up, but these are what I like to call myths. I, like many others who have a disease, receive these bits of information all the time. People share them with good intentions and with a desire to cure us from a terrible affliction.

If these “cures” did work I am sure many people, including myself, would be consuming and smoking cannabis at all hours of the day, chugging down vitamins with our supplemental smoothies, and jumping all over the place like someone hyped up on caffeine bouncing on a trampoline. These “cures” don’t work; if they did, there would be no cancer. Simple as that!

Now, let’s have some fun “myth busting”:

1. Deodorants, antiperspirants and bras cause cancer.
There is no research proving that what you wear under your arms, around your breast or any place else, causes cancer. Set them free if you would like, but rest assured, the over the shoulder boulder holder will not cause cancer.

2. Cancer is contagious.
Though cancer itself isn’t contagious, sometimes viruses, which are contagious, can lead to the development of cancer. Examples of viruses that can cause cancer include; Hepatitis B or C, and Human Papillomavirus, better known as HPV (Source: Hugging certainly will not give you cancer and it is much comforting to those in need of one.

3. Good people do not get cancer.
Cancer does not discriminate. It does not discriminate based on race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, “goodness,” etc. It does not discriminate on the basis of if you studied in school, own a dog, read books, cook meals, etc. No one is immune!

4. Sugar feeds cancer.
I have been told many times that cancer spreads and “feeds off sugar”. Well, that simply is not true. Cells, including cancer cells depend on blood sugar (glucose) for energy, but giving sugar to cancer cells does not make them spread, and depriving cancer cells of sugar does not slow their growth.
Consuming large amounts of sugar CAN cause an increase RISK of certain types of cancers. So can red meat and alcohol. Also included, sugar substitutes, food additives, food dyes, pickled foods, burnt grilled meats, and the list goes on and on.

5. Fruits and vegetables can prevent certain types of cancer. Maybe.
From my experience, life is too short to not to be able to enjoy dessert once in a while. I say eat what you want, but in moderation.

Now, I do believe there are alternative therapies that can help to ease cancer symptoms. Medical marijuana, exercise, acupuncture, massage, etc. can help to alleviate debilitating symptoms. However, remember that they will not cure cancer.

I discussed with my oncologist one day all the information sent to me regarding “cures” and myths. She smiled and told me to tell those friends who sent the info, thank you. She also said she would be happy to discuss anything sent to me that would be of interest, but again, not a cure.

These are only a few of the “cures” and myths I have personally have received in the last four years. Some may seem silly, and some not so much. One day there really will be a cure for cancer. Maybe it is growing in our very own backyards. Let’s hope that day is right around the corner. Until that day… we continue to hold onto hope.


8 thoughts on “Myth Busting

  1. Susan,
    You hit the nail on the head with this one. As someone who is medically trained, I try to keep an open mind about new therapies that come on the market, but the bottom line is…there are no “fast cures” for anything…if it sounds too good to be true, unfortunately, it probably is. I am a huge fan of Sirius/XM radio and just this morning while sitting at my desk I was listening to Doctor Radio: “The Doctor Billy Goldberg Emergency Room show”. While always funny and entertaining, they had a long conversation about how the Supplement Industry is HUGE and a big money maker, but not all that successful in actual treatment of ailments. Their opinion is a healthy diet (with the fun stuff in moderation:)) is a better way to go. As you know… such things are not well regulated, just like marijuana, etc. I’m with you totally in the use of MJ in treatment of pain, nausea, chemo side-effects, etc… I believe it can make a positive difference in many lives, but again, as you said, not as a curative measure. Great, great post…keep ’em coming!

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    • Thank you, Kathy. I use to take a multivitamin, plus calcium and vitamin D before I began chemo. I asked my oncologist two months ago if I should resume. Her answer matter of factly was no. She said they would not help my cancer so not to bother. When I was anemic and needed blood transfusions, I asked if I should be taking iron supplements. Her answer, “No, I would rather see you eat a burger. ” 😃


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