Untraditional Traditions

I do not think of myself as traditional. My style is a bit bohemian, artsy, and I would even say funky. So, Thanksgiving, a traditional holiday, does not exactly align with my style. The traditional foods that you see at Thanksgiving- turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce- will not be making an appearance on my dinner table this year.

I am a big fan of mashed potatoes and stuffing, but I have disdain for turkey! I use to enjoy eating turkey, but for some reason in my thirties, I developed an aversion to it. The gross feeling I felt when preparing a turkey whenever I hosted Thanksgiving may have caused that aversion. To accommodate those, like myself who would not eat turkey, I always would make a roast or meatballs as well.

Sometimes, holidays can be difficult. My Thanksgivings were always filled with plenty of food, good conversation, and laughter. Then, in 1998, I started to dislike Thanksgiving.

My mom passed away in October of 1998. So, one month later, I was still sad and I did not want to celebrate Thanksgiving. Celebrating Thanksgiving just would not be the same without my mom. That year, and for a few years after, my family went to a restaurant to celebrate Thanksgiving. Overtime, different family members and myself have hosted the meal.

To this day I am not a fan of celebrating Thanksgiving. I am not quite sure why. It might have to do with not having my parents here to help celebrate or that this holiday revolves around turkey. Thanksgiving and I just do not get along; so, I was not upset when I missed two Thanksgiving celebrations due to chemotherapy side effects.

I do not want to portray a negative attitude because there are still some wonderful parts to holidays. I always enjoy getting family and friends together to share a meal and each other’s company. But, I feel you do not need a holiday to get friends and family together! I love to entertain, and host many parties throughout the year for the sole reason of bringing family and friends together.

This year I will be hosting Thanksgiving once again at my home. I enjoy cooking, but you won’t find a turkey or traditional sides on my table (my guests seem fine with my decision)!

I am ready for the holiday and have much to be thankful for. I get to spend time with my daughter, Michaela, who is home from college. I am excited to have her home, even if it is only for a few days.

So, while I am not a big fan of this holiday, it is the holiday for giving thanks. This year I am very thankful that I am feeling well, and that I will have my family all together. I am also thankful to all you beautiful Mermaids for your continued support and allowing me to share my journey with you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


8 thoughts on “Untraditional Traditions

  1. Hi Susan, I’m sorry for the belated reply – I’m not the best at keeping up with email. I too am thankful that you were feeling well and hope that the day was exactly as you wanted it to be. Tim and Sophie join me in sending you and your family our very best wishes. Hugs, Fyllis

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