Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

I am just going to say it…..I love snow!

Ever since I can remember, I have always had an infatuation with snow. There is just something so magical about it.

I believe every winter needs to have at least one big snowstorm. The white flakes, which no two are alike, fall silently to the ground. They cover and transform the drab landscape of winter into a dazzling, frozen wonderland.

Taking a walk during a snow fall is a favorite activity of mine. I love looking up towards the sky as the rush of cold and wet snowflakes land on my face. I appreciate how quiet is it while I am walking. It is so peaceful and calming.

When the snow has stopped descending from the sky, and the clean up is finished, and I am warm and cozy inside, I enjoy looking out the window in the evening as the moon shines it’s magnificent glow on the mounds of snow. The snow appears to look like millions of shimmering white crystals……magical, right?!?

Yes, I know many folks do not like winter and snow. Many, during this time of year, have thoughts of palm trees, beaches and a tropical drink in their hand. I will be honest, I am not a big fan of the cold, and I do like visiting someplace warm during the winter. Lately, it has been a cruise to the Caribbean. However, you need to have the cold in order to have the snow, and If I lived in a warmer climate year round, I would certainly miss the white stuff. I live in New England and I enjoy experiencing the different weather the four seasons give us.

Two days ago we had a blizzard that blanketed us with two feet of snow. Thankfully, we never lost power, but we were prepared just in case. The generator, blankets, flashlights, batteries, lanterns and snacks were ready.

After two feet of snow is deposited, cleanup can take a while, and we are thankful our snowblower was up to the task. My husband and son did a great job. Thanks, Mark and Max!

I think it looks pretty outside. Everywhere you look, it’s like looking at a New England winter postcard. That is, until the snow starts getting dirty. Have no fear…..we are getting more snow tomorrow, and possibly on Monday, but we are hardy New Englanders and are up for the challenge.





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