I’M 50

“I like to kick, stretch and kick….. I’m 50!” Does this phrase ring a bell? If not, please allow me to explain.

In December of 1999, Molly Shannon debuted the character, Sally O’Malley, on Saturday Night Live. Sally was proud of the fact that she was 50. In the sketches performed on SNL, Sally was always auditioning for jobs that were looking for younger women, such as a Stripper, The Rockettes, and the Police Academy. Sally always got the job! Her catch phrase, “I like to kick, stretch and kick….I’m 50,” became quite popular.

Like Sally, I turn 50 today, and I’m proud as well. Four and a half years ago, when I received my first breast cancer diagnosis, I was told I had a 50 percent chance of surviving five years. I’m almost there! I know some women are sad when they reach 50, but I’ve got news….50 is just a number! It doesn’t change who we are. Sure, we may look a bit different than we did when we were in our 20’s, but by the time you’re 50, you’re more comfortable with who you are and you should embrace it!

We take so much for granted in our lives, but birthdays are something that I do not. Each birthday that I celebrate reminds me that I am alive.

Thankfully, I’m feeling well enough to celebrate my 50th birthday. I began a Phase 1 clinical trial a couple of weeks ago, and so far it’s going well. I was having a bit of nausea; this sometimes happens with oral chemo drugs. Now, the nausea is gone, but I’m having a bad taste in my mouth. It’s always something, but as long as it works, it’s certainly worth it to make it to 51.

My husband keeps wondering why my AARP card hasn’t arrived, because his card arrived two weeks before he turned 50. He says it’s because I don’t look 50, but I’m sure it will show up soon.

Speaking of my husband, Mark, he has planned a very special 50th birthday party for me. There will be dancing, dinner, drinks and games. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this milestone birthday with my family and friends. I’m going to “kick, stretch, and kick”, because I’m 50!


18 thoughts on “I’M 50

  1. Happy Birthday Susan! I hope you have a wonderful and the most amazing, blessed day. Life is all about not taking the treasures you have been given for granted. So treasure on with full of memories! Have a wonderful day!!

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  2. How absolutely right you are concerning age and numbers. This is just a note in reaction to your blog to wish you the happiest 50th birthday and take good care to enjoy yourself on the occasion.
    As always, JP

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