Spring Has Sprung, And So Have I

Warmer temperatures, birds singing, the smell of fresh cut grass, and pollen. We thought it would never get here after the winter we had, but it did, spring arrived. 

Springtime at my house means it’s time to get the yard cleaned up. Edging, mulching, cleaning the deck, and planting flowers are just a few of the things we do to get the yard in order. I love getting everything done as soon as possible so that I can sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me.  Unfortunately, I have allergies, and the pollen has been severe. Ugh!

It was a bit difficult for me to help get the yard ready. I started my new oral chemotherapy, Xeloda, last month, and was feeling very weak and tired. And, because of the tree pollen, I developed a sinus infection, which made matters worse.  I had to stop working out for a couple of weeks and stopped cooking as well. Takeout food was the norm for a while. My husband, Mark, is good at doing many things. Cooking is not one of them. Although, he can grill a mean porterhouse steak. Yum!

I met with my oncologist, Dr. M, after my first cycle of Xeloda, and am currently on my second cycle. I explained to her all the symptoms I’ve been having including a migraine and dizziness. With tears running down my cheeks, I told her that I just didn’t feel myself.  I was upset. I do not like my  “new” normal. She explained that even though Xeloda is an oral medication, it still is chemotherapy, and some of the symptoms I’m experiencing, such as fatigue and weakness, are due to the medication. As for the dizziness and migraine, Dr. M  performed an assessment. I passed, but if they happen more frequently, an MRI will be done. 

What a difference a couple of weeks make. I’m feeling great, like my old self. I feel like Superwoman! I’m back at the gym, I’m able to grocery shop by myself, and I am back to cooking. It’s wonderful having this burst of energy……I hope it continues. 

While my energy level is up, and I’m feeling well, I’ll be taking full advantage of it. As the perennial flowers are poking through the mulch, I’ll be planting dazzling, colorful annuals. I’ll listen to the birds sing, I’ll enjoy sitting around the firepit, I’ll enjoy eating dinner on the deck, I’ll have parties with family and friends.  I’ll enjoy living my life, and all the love, joy, and happiness it brings. 



6 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung, And So Have I

  1. Susan, so glad to hear you’re feeling better! I’m hoping the pollen doesn’t attack you again (it’s wreaking havoc in my home, even my poor dogs are suffering) But even with the nasty green pollen, this weather (almost) makes up for the winter we had.
    Take care,

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