The Good, The Bad, and The Vacation

Three weeks ago I started intravenous chemotherapy…..again. The good news is I survived! Believe me when I tell you, it was no picnic in the park. In fact, it was plain awful. 

I received chemo on Thursday and felt fine afterwards. So many drugs were pumped into me that I actually felt drunk. Oh, how I wish that feeling would have last!

On Friday, I woke up and began my day by swallowing three nausea pills along with a laxative. (One of the nausea pills requires a laxative to be taken with it.) When on Cisplatin, you are instructed to take anti nausea meds three times a day for two to three days after your infusion. Nausea, unfortunately is a hellish side effect that almost everyone gets while on Cisplatin. I took two more pills in the afternoon. Then, Michaela brought me to get my Neulasta shot, so my white blood counts will not get too low. I still had my energy at this point, and was feeling well. Before I closed my eyes to catch forty winks, I took another anti nausea pill and its laxative. What a repertoire of drugs I take!

Saturday I woke up and began my anti nausea pill routine.  I showered, which took some effort to do so. The nastiness of chemo was beginning. I was starting to feel the side effects that would keep me out of commission for a week.

Sunday it happened. The weakness and extreme fatigue hit me like a hurricane.  Showering started to become more difficult as did walking up the stairs. I made my reservation in the Land of Nod for four days. 


Yep, four days of continuous sleep. I had no appetite during this time, but Mark and the kids made sure I was drinking lots of fluids. 
Thursday I started to feel less sleepy and only took an hour nap, but I was still quite week. The weakness for me does not entirely go away. This is due to low red blood counts that happen a week to two weeks after receiving chemotherapy. I become anemic. The good news is that the weakness does taper of some during the second week after receiving chemo, and everyday activities like showering, and walking up the stairs becomes easier.

Friday and over the weekend I felt fatigued, but come Monday, I was feeling so much better. I was able to drive, and do some errands. Yay! It felt so good to feel so good!

Because of the weakness that I am experiencing, we cancelled a European vacation we were planning for the summer. I will not be up for such a vacation. Instead, we booked an eight day cruise to St. Maarten, St. Kitts, San Juan, Peurto Rico, and Grand Turk. We will also visit Key West for several days following the cruise. I am looking forward to spending this vacation with my family. It will also be a nice break between chemo treatments.  This will be a more relaxing trip than Europe, but I do hope to get there one day soon!

In two days, lucky me gets to have round two of Cisplatin, and all that comes with it. Although I dislike having to go through chemotherapy, if it stabilizes the cancer, I will be one happy lady.


12 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, and The Vacation

  1. Susan, I’m glad to hear the effects of chemo have lessened a little for you. I know how exhausting it can be (never thought I could ever be so tired). Your cruise sounds wonderful!
    Hoping round 2 leaves you a little less fatigued – thinking of you!

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  2. If it stabilizes the cancer, all the “YUCKINESS” will be worth it! So glad you have been feeling better! Chemo sucks…praying it does what it needs to do! Keep being AWESOME, my beautiful friend! ❤

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  3. Keeping you in my prayers! May those horrible days go by quickly and may you sleep soundly. I hate that you have to feel those terrible side effects over and over again. I remember those days of not being able to make it up the stairs. You are a warrior. Keep the faith that it’s working every time you go. Best wishes and a big hug.

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  4. Iam sorry you have to go through this again you are one amazing woman I hope the second round is better and wish a relaxing vacation always in my prays

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