Hair Here, Hair There, Hair Everywhere

Since being taken off Taxol, the hair on my head is growing in at full force. In fact, hair is coming in everywhere! 

Mark noticed the hair on my head started sprouting on the back of my head in December. Now, the fuzzy soft down like hair, which reminds me of what a baby duck has, is sprouting all over my head. This reminds me of when I would plant basil and cilantro seeds, and the excitement I would have when the seedlings pushed through the dirt.

Some of the longer hairs on my head look like mini corkscrews. It appears my curls will be back.  The color? Well, it looks to be two toned at this time. I remember the first time I lost my hair, it grew back in every shade imaginable, and it took two years to get to a decent length.  Unfortunately, it never came back in as thick as it was. Ugh!

As much as I am happy to have the hair on my noggin grow back, this means hair is growing back in other places too, such as my legs and underarms. Getting ready in the morning will now take longer. 

My getting ready morning routine, since July, had been shortened big time. Showering,  I would always shampoo my scalp, but did not need to use conditioner. I didn’t need to shave, which made for a very short shower. No hair product was needed, or mascara, due to eyelashes falling out. Well, that is not entirely true. I have six lashes around the right eye, and three around the left eye.  The only part of my routine that took a while, and still does, is drawing on those damn eyebrows. I think I am pretty good at it now. 

Things now have certainly changed for getting ready in the morning. Shaving has made a comeback, and now I have to be aware of chins hairs! Yep, getting the little mirror and tweezers, and sitting in my white chair with the sunlight shining down looking to rip out anything that does not belong on my chin. Oh, the fun is back!

I have to be honest….I enjoyed being hairless. 

Last week I went to BJ’s to stock up on blade refills……this pretty razor has become the comeback kid.



4 thoughts on “Hair Here, Hair There, Hair Everywhere

  1. You made me laugh!! If only we could pick and choose where it grows back, right? No one warned me about the downy feather chick fluff that I’d get on my face. I was horrified at being bald but I loved putting the windows down and not worrying about my hair blowing in my face. Guess I should have bought a convertible!
    Thinking of you–I know there’s nothing funny about it but I sure love your sense of humor!!

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  2. Sorry for the late post, I’ve been traveling M-F for business.

    I love your sense of humor and I totally agree with the hairless part not being a bad thing! My husband especially loved that it took me only minutes to get ready and no “bad hair” days

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