Are You a Believer?

Do you believe things happen for a reason? Fate? Destiny? While I do not believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason, I believe many things do. There have been many incidents in my life that have made me a believer. Some of these incidents include how I met my husband, the birth of my children, the deaths of my parents, and my health.

I know people who were believers until something bad happened in their lives. It would be wonderful to live in a world with just goodness and happiness, but, unfortunately, bad things happen whether we are a believer or not.

I first became a believer as a young girl attending Temple on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. There was a passage in the prayer book that frightened me, and it stills gives me shivers today.

“The great shofar is sounded. The still, small voice is heard; the angels, gripped by fear and trembling, declare in awe: This is the Day of Judgment!

As the shepherd seeks out his flock, and makes the sheep pass under his staff, so do You muster and number and consider every soul, setting the bounds of every creature’s life, and decreeing its destiny.

On Rosh Hashanah it is written and on Yom Kippur it is sealed: How many shall pass on, how many shall come to be; who shall live and who shall die; who shall see ripe age and who shall not; who by fire and who by water, who by sword and who by beast, who by hunger and who by thirst; who by earthquake and who by plague; who by strangling and who by stoning?”

Pretty deep, huh? This passage had a profound effect on me, and most likely, the beginning of why I believe in fate, destiny and things happen for a reason.

My belief that everything happens for a reason has also been confirmed through my belief in Spirits. Have you ever had a reading with a Medium or Psychic? Don’t knock it. I know there are many skeptics out there, but unless you have had a reading with a reputable Medium or Psychic, you can’t dismiss the idea. I see a Medium, Lori, who is also angel intuitive! I see her at least once a year and have been seeing her for the last seven years! Not only is she amazing, but she is also kind and caring.

In September of 2010, I went to see Lori for a reading. At this point, I had not had a reading with her in almost a year. During this reading, Lori started crying. She made the letter “C” with her finger and said, “You have cancer.” Of course she was correct, she always is! I was diagnosed the month before.

The reading was going smoothly after Lori acknowledged my breast cancer as she was receiving positive and uplifting messages from spirit…until the end of the reading. At this point, I was asked to pick some cards. Lori asked me to pick another, then another, and again, another card. The cards all told the same story. Lori told me that I would have a recurrence of my breast cancer in 3 to 5 years. I was not sure what to think and I could tell Lori was not happy to give me this news.

I had just celebrated my so-called third cancer free anniversary in August of 2013. Weeks later, I would be diagnosed with metastasis to my bones and liver. The breast cancer did in fact return in the time frame Lori had predicted.

While Michaela was home for her winter break this December we went to see Lori. Michaela receives a lot of guiding advice regarding education, work, love, and messages from my Mom and Dad. Although I am focusing on health issues, Lori receives messages from spirit on so many subjects…travel, work, love, education, family, etc.

During this December reading, my Dad and Mom came through, just like they always do. My Dad was relaying messages to Lori about my health. Lori explained that she saw me taking a new drug in January, possibly getting a biopsy, and considering taking part of a clinical trial. A couple of weeks after having this reading, I met with my oncologist, Dr. M.

Dr. M was going over scan results with Mark and I. Dr. M explained she was going to take me off Taxol, and put me on a new medication. She told us that if my next scans do not show improvement, she would like me to have another liver biopsy. During this visit, Dr. M was being paged quite a bit from nurses paging her about clinical trials for me. Wow, Lori was right again!

I told Dr. M about Lori and about my reading. She said Lori should be on staff, so there would not be a need for scans.

My being a believer is applicable to my cancer. I have learned, unfortunately, bad things do happen for a reason. Sometimes we never know why some things happen, sometimes we do. When I was a “Reach to Recovery” mentor with “The American Cancer Society,” a newspaper interviewed me. During the interview I told the reporter what I had told many others, I was meant to get breast cancer. He asked why I thought this. I explained how it gave me purpose, and that I am using this horrific disease to help and educate others. He smiled.


To believe or not to believe…only you can you decide, and I respect whichever you choose.

My name is Susan Rosen and I am a believer.


If you would like Lori’s contact information, shoot me an email, text or message, and I will happily get it to you.


3 thoughts on “Are You a Believer?

  1. Hi Susan! Happy Valentines Day! I Too Have Come To Believe That Things Happen For a Reason Also! I Wont Get Into My Life Story But Since Things Have Been Nothing But Great Since I Stopped Drinking for 12 Years now! (Am a Recovering Alcoholic) And That My Psychiatrist Has Found The Cocktail Of Medications For My Bi-Polar/Schizo Affective Disorder, It Has Lead Me On A Path That I Have Wanted Since All The Negativity Ive Been Thru Started Back in 1989. Where I Am Now is That I’m on Social Security Disability And Am Living And Have Been Living With Parents For Most Of My Life, I’m Not Ashamed Anymore Because They Are Aging (Father is 77 And Mother is 74) We Help Each Other Out Tremendously. I’m Able To Now Help out My Parents and At The Same Time They’ve Always Been There For Me. So I Am Too a Believer That Things Happen For a Reason.I Place My Faith in Christ And Thank GOD Each Day That I Wake Up And Am Able To Live Another Day! I’ve Never Been To a Psychic At All, Not Because I don’t Believe But i’d Rather not Know What my life Has In Store For Me And That Each Day I Live In The Present moment. Yesterday is Gone Today is NOW And Tomorrow Isnt Promised. Well, Take Care,Stay Strong! & Keep The Faith! Luv’ Ya’! 🙂

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