Always Have Hope

A few months ago, I thought it was the beginning of the end; I thought I was dying. My cancer had been spreading like wild fire through my weak and tired body for eight months. My oncologist told me my treatment options were becoming limited. How could I not think I was dying?

I never give up hope and I believe in miracles. My family and friends give me much love and support, which helps get through the rough times and celebrate the good times. I was so happy this week to share some good news, finally. I am not dying, at least for the time being.

Last Tuesday I received scans. Thursday, I met with Dr. M to discuss the scans and treatment. Dr. M came in the room with a big smile on her face. She said hello, shook Mark and my hands, and sat down. The first sentence out of her mouth was, “I am thilled with your scans.” All tumors, lesions, and lymph nodes have shrunk. My tumor markers have come down 90%…. WOW! Dr. M and I hugged with big smiles on our faces. Mark had a big smile on his face too.

I love receiving good news about my condition, but I always remain cautious. Some treatments last for a long time, some do not. I have experienced both sides of treatments. However, I am thrilled, and rejoicing at this wonderful news. 

Eribulin, my chemotherapy, will be given every other week instead of two weeks on and one week off. My white and blood red blood counts go way down after receiving Eribulin and take more than a week to come up in order to receive chemo. This is because my bone marrow is tired from receiving so much chemotherapy. I will also be taking neupogen injections to help keep the white counts from getting too low. 

As you might know, I try to look for the silver lining in everything. Right now the silver lining is weight loss! Between my thyroid, and cancer treatments starting in 2010, my weight fluctuated quite a bit. In March of this year, I lost my appetite. This continued until June before starting the Eribulin. I am happy to say my appetite has returned! I am content with my weight now. I needed a new wardrobe, and Michaela and I had a lot of fun shopping for new clothes… And we still are!

Thanks for reading my blog, and supporting me through the ups and the downs.
This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago by the talented Paul Vicario. He, and the talented Dee Lewis have captured the “real me” through their beautiful photos. 


17 thoughts on “Always Have Hope

  1. I am so happy for your good scan news. I have been following you for a few months. I sm also stage 4 with colorectal cancer. No original tumor. Thank you for sharing your journey. I also have no use for the fight mode. So glad I found you. Scan tomorrow following 6 months of chemo.

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  2. I love the the courage determination strength and love that I read in your blog. All of your words come straight from your heart. Happy you can breathe a little. Good news is good for the soul. πŸ’—

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  3. Fantastic! I’m stage four breast cancer to the bone. Feel that sand washing away from under my feet as I run out of options. It’s not over till it’s over. Think of you often thank you for the inspiration. We’ve got today and tomorrow’s looking like it’s in the cards😘

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  4. Beautiful photo Susan and so incredibly happy to hear your news. Thank you for the updates you give on FB and your mermaids page. I think of you often and your amazing strength and determination. You’re an inspiration to us all. xoxo

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  5. Congratulations on receiving such wonderful news, Susan!!!

    And ‘Thank you!’…..for being such an ‘amazing inspiration’ to so many people!

    God bless you!

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