A Rebirth

Flowers have popped up from the ground. Tree buds have opened up. People are sneezing. This must mean one thing……Spring has arrived. The season of rebirth.

Although Fall is my favorite season, I enjoy Spring. I love flowers and plants, and am now planning what I will be planting this year. Last year at this time I was very weak, and had a difficult time getting my yard in order. This year I am looking forward to my planning coming to fruition. 

Like Spring, I feel as though I am experiencing a rebirth. After receiving ten brain radiation treatments, I am no longer having double vision or blurriness. My face is not numb, and my jaw is feeling much better. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. Three days after radiation was complete, I began a new chemotherapy treatment. 

I was a bit nervous beginning the new chemo due to its side effects. Fever is one of these side effects. Why should I be nervous about something that almost killed me last summer?!? I have had two treatments so far, and I am happy to say the side effects have not been too bad. I am feeling more alive and positive about my health than I have in a long time. It’s a great feeling to have. 

My family and I have some happy occasions to celebrate this Spring. Michaela, who graduated early (December), summa cum laude, with a double major in Political Science and Communications from George Washington University, will have her graduation ceremonies soon. We are looking forward to attending.

Max will be graduating from high school, and committed to attending the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s College of Information and Computer Science. Mark and I are very proud of Michaela and Max.

Enjoy the warmer weather of Spring, and don’t forget to tiptoe through the tulips. 


14 thoughts on “A Rebirth

  1. Wonderful news! I am so happy to hear the radiation helped and chemo is not too bad. You must be extremely proud of Michaela and Max. May you continue to experience positve health effects.

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  2. Hi Susan! Indeed Spring Has Sprung! Glad I Don’t Have Allergies. This Is All Great News With The New Chemo! I Pray Things Keep Getting Better For You. That’s Wonderful News About Max & Micheala! You Must Be so Proud Of Them. Praying You Have a Super Year & More Great News! Sending Positive Vibes! Have An Awesome Summer! Luv Ya’! KEVIN C.

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    THRILLED you are feeling better and have received some positive news! Sorry, been off the radar for awhile. Despite that, have never stopped thinking about you on a daily basis – you’re in my “Good Thoughts Time” – and always wishing you well! I, too, have been doing some plantings and hoping to bring some vibrant color and pleasant smells to our surroundings! Perhaps, we could do some plantings together!! (Over a beverage … of course!!🍹)

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  5. Hi Susan,
    I am delighted that you are feeling better. Enjoy those two graduation ceremonies, special times indeed. And your tulip photo is just stunning. Thank you for sharing your good news with us! And for sharing the photo, too.

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