The Kindness Of Friends

I recently started a new treatment to try and put a halt on the progression of liver lesions and growths on my brain. This new treatment consists of Tamoxifen and Afinitor.

After being on these meds for two weeks, I developed mouth sores and a bad rash. In addition to hives, I also got shingles. Shingles!? It turns out that it was due to being on a high dose of Afinitor. It was reeking havoc with my immune system and resulted in low blood counts and platelets. I was taken off of the Afinitor until the shingles cleared up and my blood counts and platelets returned to normal. I was also given a steroid rinse for the mouth sores and Acyclovir for the shingles.

Throughout all of this I became very tired and weak, lost my appetite and in turn lost weight. Taking a shower or taking Wally out to do his business took all the energy I had. I texted Mark at work to come home early one day because I was so weak.

I met with Dr. Mayer yesterday and things are looking better. In the two weeks I’ve been off the Afinitor my blood counts and platelets have returned to normal and my liver tests look great. Best of all, I’m feeling much better. Dr. M said all of this was probably due to the high dose of Afinitor and not the cancer. Whew!

I am now back on Afinitor along with Tamoxifen, but at a lower dose. We’ll see what happens next.

Unfortunately, Mark and I had to cancel our trip to Italy. I’m still somewhat weak and am not sure how I’ll feel on the lower dose of medication. It’s like an experiment. I’d like to thank Maria Dowling at Enchanted Memories Travel in Franklin. She planned the entire trip for Mark and I and then handled the entire cancellation. No easy task! I would highly recommend Enchanted Memories Travel ( ).

I always look for the silver lining in situations and there was one in regards to this situation…MY FRIENDS!

A couple friends offered to walk Wally, many asked if I needed anything, I received flowers and cards, a pair of inspirational socks and plenty of good wishes. It’s nice to know that I can always count on the kindness of friends.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day and I would like to take this opportunity to tell all my friends how thankful I am for having you in my life. I wish all of you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving.

13 thoughts on “The Kindness Of Friends

  1. WOW, Susan!! I had no idea you were experiencing more challenges, I now know I was mistaken in my belief you were you doing well and the (new) medicine was doing what it was supposed to WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING ELSE TO YOU! Again, soooo sorry. Would love to stop in with you for coffee, tea -walk Wally! – if you’re around next week! I totally understand if you’re not up for it. Thinking of you!😘 JoAnne

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  2. I am so sorry your new Meds prompted such a reaction. I am even sorrier that you had to cancel you trip. Cancer is a thief. I am thankful you side effects are slacking. Where would we be without our friends and loved ones.

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  4. Hi! Just getting to catch up on your blog. Ok, only you would be the one to thank others, you are incredible! I am amazed everyday by your strength and kindness. Even when you are feeling your worst, you always do or say something nice about others. We can all learn a lesson from this!! I am here for you, and will ALWAYS be here for you whenever you need anything…..or even when you need nothing at all:) Love you and couldn’t have a better friend! MBT

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