The Good And The Bad

This time of year is magical and full of wonder as we celebrate the winter holidays. It also brings up many emotions as we think of those who have passed, are ill, or are going through a rough time.

Last week I was on a roller coaster of emotions. I was thrilled to read about a friend who I met in Pilates class years ago who just celebrated seven years cancer free. I was also informed that a high school friend passed away who I had reconnected with. We shared thoughts on treatments, blood transfusions, side effects and how we mutually hated cancer.

While I am so happy for my friend and others who are living with NED (no evidence of disease), I’m sad and angry for those who succumb to this disease. Why do good people die too young? Of course, no one has the answer, but I do take comfort knowing my friend is no longer suffering. She will be missed.

It’s natural to think of our own mortality when someone dies, especially when you have a terminal disease like metastatic breast cancer. While I do plan for the day when I no longer will be on this earth, I also feel invincible. I feel like I will live forever, but I know this is not true. While I’m living my life I will continue to enjoy every day, enjoy new experiences, and make lots of memories with family and friends.’

Now, on to happier moments.

This week in my home we are celebrating Chanukah. It’s a joyous holiday. We light the menorah for eight nights. We remember the miracle that happened about 2,000 years ago when there was only enough oil to light a Temple for one day, but miraculously lasted for eight days. Do you believe in miracles? I do.

My son, Max, is coming home soon after he finishes his college finals. Although he couldn’t celebrate Chanukah with us, it will be wonderful to have my family together again. And, in a couple of weeks I will get to see three of my siblings (minus 1) and their families. Yay!

As for me, I am feeling well. I’m a bit tired and weak from the meds, but all my blood work looks good. I’ll be getting scans in mid January and depending on the results, we’ll decide if I want to stay on these meds.

I hope all of you are feeling well, and enjoying this holiday season. Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanza. I wish you all a very happy New Year filled with love, laughter, good health and peace.

11 thoughts on “The Good And The Bad

  1. Hi Susan!
    Keep Fighting The Good Fight! You Are Always In My Prayers. Great News On The Blood Work! We Did Lose Daniella To This Disease, But As You Said She Is No Longer Suffering. Enjoy Your Time With Max And Keep Creating Memories Which Is a Good Thing According To BUDDHA! Happy Chanukah & Merry Christmas! Have a Happy New Year And I Wish You & Yours all The Best In 2018! 🙂 Luv Ya’!

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  2. Hi Susan,
    This time of year can be an emotional time for many of us; it certainly is for me. I’m glad you are feeling well, and I’m so glad you’re spending the holidays with your dear ones. Happy holidays to you and yours. May 2018 be kind to us all.

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