Planning, Oy Vey

You know what I hate about Metastatic Breast Cancer? Well, just about everything, but today I will focusing on planning.

Planning vacations, lunch dates, events, etc. are difficult to do when you have an illness. One never knows how they will be feeling on those days.

I have cancelled so many lunch dates with friends recently due to fatigue. We reschedule, but I always feel terrible having to do this. We all have busy lives and getting together can be challenging. Thankfully, my friends understand.

Vacations are the absolute worse to plan. Don’t get me wrong, I know how fortunate I am to go on vacations but it becomes disheartening when plans have to be cancelled over and over again. We have had to cancel a Mediterranean cruise, a trip to London and Paris, and most recently a trip to Italy all due to my health. We try to book our trips close to the time we will be vacationing. For our Italy trip we booked 8 weeks out. I was feeling great at the time of booking and was pretty confident I would still feel great in 8 weeks. I was so wrong.

Lesions on my liver started to grow and I needed to begin a new treatment. This oral treatment made me feel very weak and tired. There was no way I could walk the beautiful streets of Italy. CANCELLED!

One word of advice from me when planning a trip is to always buy the trip insurance and make sure it includes pre-existing conditions.

Although I missed Italy, I was able to enjoy a New Year’s Eve cruise to the Bahamas. The weather was not the best, but it was nice to get away and spend time with family. Three of my siblings and their families joined us. It was wonderful to be able to relax and hang with them.

When I returned from the cruise I began to notice some bothersome side effects. Along with fatigue, I was experiencing bone pain and numbness on the right side of my chin and inside my mouth. I recently had scans and all look good. I will continue on the same treatment since lesions on my liver are shrinking. We will deal with the unpleasant side effects.

The MRI I received is a little concerning. The radiologist noticed a spot. He called my oncologist and asked her if I had a stroke. WTF?! A STROKE?! My oncologist does not believe this spot has anything to with a stroke. Most likely it is a new cancer growth that needs to be zapped. I am going for a follow up MRI in three weeks. I will then meet with both my radiation and medical oncologist to discuss what this spot is and how we will deal with it. More planning… appointments, scans, Oy vey.

Life continues……


11 thoughts on “Planning, Oy Vey

  1. Susan, Sounds like your life is full of challenges, which you handle with such courage. Let us know if we can be of any support to you and your family. The photo is awesome!  Hope to see you soon. Love, Susan and David

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  2. For some reason, I am unable to “like” your blog, but as always, I love what you put into words. As Ringo Starr sings “It Don’t Come Easy” but clearly, you have not let your disease define the woman you are – living with BC mets and being Susan the Mermaid. You are not only my metsister, but my mentor.

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  3. Susan…keep kicking ass as only you can. I smile whenever I see your mermaid picture for it is as hauntingly beautiful as you are. Stay strong my friend, stay strong..,.<3 ❤

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  5. Susan, Cancelling plans is always disappointing, but somehow you always see the bright side and manage to make a bad moment turn out happy! Glad you were able to enjoy time with the family, the picture is beautiful! I have no doubt Dr.M will figure out what the spot is!! 🙂

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