Bridge to Hospice

Yesterday I met with Dr. M and my nurse before getting fluids in me. I am extremely weak and jaundiced, effects of my liver failing. There is one more treatment option, a chemo pill, which I will try. The family is hopeful, but realistic. I will begin Bridge to Hospice where nurses will come to my home a few times a week to check my vitals, which will eventually turn to full in-house hospice. Sadly we know where this is heading. Thank you all for your kind words and support these past few weeks, Mark, Michaela and Max have been reading all of them to me.

In addition to Bridge to Hospice we’ve taken a few other measures. Below is a photo of my DNI and DNR. My family had to have the conversation of how we approach the end of my life. We purchased cemetery plots a few weeks back and we are now in touch with the funeral home to make arrangements.

Thanks for being on this journey with me for the last five years, it’s been an adventure sharing my story and MBC with you all.