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Robin Roberts Presents Thriver Thursday

Thriver Thursday is a new initiative that spotlights “thrivers” – people who persevere, achieve their goals and even surpass them despite life-altering circumstances. From people who have experienced a catastrophic diagnosis, unexpected loss, divorce, and personal betrayal. These are the people who were dealt a choice and they chose to thrive.

Published on September 20, 2018

Susan’s Story: To Tell The Truth…..Or Not

Do you tell your children the truth? Should you? Do you keep secrets for fear of traumatizing your children?

Published on September 6, 2018

What I Wish People Knew About Metastatic Breast Cancer by Becky Upham

Women with metastatic breast cancer think about “fighting cancer” very differently than women who don’t have a stage 4 diagnosis. If you have advanced cancer, these women understand what you’re going through.

Published on June 26, 2018

10 Metastatic Breast Cancer Blogs to Read When You Feel Like No One Understands by Katie Robinson

Why mermaids, you ask? Susan Rosen, author of the Let Us Be Mermaids blog, explains that just like women with metastatic breast cancer, mermaids are fearless, seductive, feminine, and are awed by everyone in their presence. Her blog posts cover realistic topics like whether you should tell your children about your diagnosis and the effects of treatment on one’s physical appearance.

Published on June 20, 2018

EMBRACE: Ending Metastatic Breast Cancer for Everyone Summer 2018 Newsletter

Jimmy’s Team June 2018 Monthly Giving Program Letter

Chapters Radio with Jim Derick: Susan Rosen

Susan Rosen is a  courageous and inspirational woman. She is the proud mother of two children, a wife to her husband Mark, a blogger and a woman living with Metastatic Breast Cancer. Sue shares her personal story with the goal of spreading awareness about this illness.  She refuses to allow her ilness to define her; instead she has made the conscious decision to live her life on her terms. A life filled with love, laughter and joy.

Published on November 17, 2017

Why This Woman with Metastatic Breast Cancer Is Posing as a Mermaid by Lisa Lombardi

“Susan’s real purpose in posing–to shine a much-needed light on metastatic breast cancer. More than 150,000 women in the U.S. are living with cancer that has spread beyond the breast, according to a 2017 study by the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance (MBCA) and the National Cancer Institute. “A lot of people don’t understand what metastatic breast cancer is,” Susan points out. “I want to get it out there that it’s the only breast cancer that people die from, and that more research needs to be done in that field.”

Published on November 2, 2017


Franklin Almanac Episode Twelve with Host Polikseni Manxhari

Published on October 3, 2017

Metastatic Breast Cancer: Learning to Let Go of What You Can’t Controlby Rachel Zohn 

“I’m not battling cancer, because that implies some people aren’t fighting hard enough,” Rosen says. “I’m doing everything I can to live a happy life. But I’m not fighting, I’m living.”

Published on September 27, 2017


WebMD’s Advanced Breast Cancer: Courage, Comfort, and Care with Robin Roberts

Huge thank you to Rock’n Robin Productions for this exciting opportunity!

“Stories of those diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer can be difficult stories of emotional and physical pain, but they can also be stories of love, contentment, and joy. Robin Roberts reports.”

Published on August 15, 2017 


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Coping with Menopausal Symptoms After Breast Cancer Treatments by Angela Knight

Franklin Cancer Survivor Helps Others Battle the Disease by Matt Tota

“I’m pretty spiritual,” the 47-year-old cancer survivor admitted Thursday in her Franklin home, curled up with her dog Wally, a milky white Coton de Tuléar. “Throughout my life, I have been a big believer in fate.”

Published October 5, 2012